Personnel Hoists

Our personnel hoists are perfect for a variety of applications, from construction and maintenance to warehousing and more. Featuring easy operation and simple maintenance, our hoists can get the job done quickly and efficiently. To find the right personnel hoist for your project, explore our library of complimentary load charts, helping you find the right personnel hoist for your project.

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Personnel Hoists

Personnel Hoists FAQs

Personnel hoists are used to move construction workers and materials between floors in high-rise construction projects. Personnel hoists typically have a platform that can hold multiple people, and a cage that surrounds the platform to keep people from falling off. The cage is also used to transport construction materials.

Lifting is the process of transferring a load from one point to another. Hoisting is the process of raising or lowering a load by attaching it to a stationary object, typically using ropes or chains. Construction workers often use hoists to raise and lower heavy construction equipment or materials.

Most personnel hoists consist of a platform that is raised and lowered by a cable and pulley system. The platform is typically large enough to accommodate one or two people and is equipped with a railing for safety to prevent passengers from falling off. The platform is connected to the main cable via a series of pulleys and is raised or lowered by activating the motor that powers the pulley system. Some personnel hoists also have a second, smaller platform that can be used to transport tools and materials.

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